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Lucy & Jonathan: Web Cherry Well and Truly Popped!

Well after all the setting up and battling off the newbie nerves, we finally made our first broadcast.To say it took months of planning and preparation and caused rows and tears would be putting it mildly, and we still weren’t really ready!But we bit the bullet and hit that broadcast live button.It didn’t look very promising to start with and once logged off our previous levels of optimism were looking to be a thing of the past.Later in the evening we decided we’d have another shot for an hour.Well 3hrs and 3 private shows later we’re holding our heads high and looking forward to a successful future as online models!

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Stacey White: This Week

Hello Gentlemen,I have posted my schedule for the week. You can find it at staceywhitewebcam.com or on my profile page. I will be working everyday from today, Monday until Sunday except Tuesday. I am taking that day off. I am even doing day shifts on Thursday and Friday! Yay! There is an Easter contest coming up and I will be competing in that as well. The details have not been posted yet but I anticipate it will be similar to the St. Patricks Day promotional contest. I had so much fun doing the last contest. I am looking forward to this contest as well!!! I am working a lot but I need your help as well. As soon as details for the contest are posted, I will do a blog. I will run a few fun specials like I did for St. Patricks Day. If you don’t already, please follow me on twitter @staceywhite2885. I tweet when I am online as well as when FC shows are happening among other things. Its a great way to keep in touch with me. Thank you so much for all your support over the past year and a half. I so appreciate all your continued support. xoxoStacey

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Brooke Pearl: Hope…

To people in parts of the world where ethnic and religious conflicts persist, often as a result of things happened hundreds of years ago – a circumstance of mankind’s past tragedies keeping their fatal grip on the future – the saying in Proverbs painfully applies :’Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.’ For such people, as for those seeking asylum in free, rich countries so they can have the life denied them in their unfree and impoverished homelands, hope – for piece, for opportunity, for a new life – is their chief possession. yet many endure through life accompanied by the disappointment that their hopes were denied.It is taken for a truism that hope is essential to life. What would it be to have no hopes, to believe things only get worse if you don’t try? It is right to expect failure and anticipate defeat if one does not put in the hard work and effort towards their goal; for we can still accomplish our goals without hope. That is scarcely conceivable to some. In good times, hope is a prompt to yet better things, in bad times it is a comfort, because it sustains the idea of relief or rescue, of reward or at least justice at last. Even at the very worst, when we accept that hopes deceive, we recognize that they nevertheless provided us some comfort.But, of course, there are always those who disagree.If we were to watch our lives up to the point where we are presently at, like a movie, it would show us that dark nights have often cost us less pain than false dawns. The deceitfulness of hope gives it a bad name, for every ten thousand men there are a million hopes, but very few are realized. It offers lies as truth, and traps people in vain pursuits, which leads on to greater disillusionments later. Hope is distorting; it makes what is genuinely ugly and bad in life appear no more than a temporary screen for us to see as beautiful and good. It is therefore allied to illusion: ‘one day everything will be well, that is our hope’ said Voltaire; ‘today everything is fine, that is our illusion.’ The fact that hope always applies to the future makes it a cheaply purchased, endlessly renewable commodity. As old hopes die, new ones can be raised in their place as swiftly and easily as they are thought. But is a life of false hope a finer thing than a life squarely based on facing realities, and knowing them for what they are? It might be argued that cynics start from the wrong premise. They observe the human propensity to day-dream and fantasize, to cling to vain hopes in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence, to nurture unrealistic expectations and ambitions. They fail to recognize that out of this compost sometimes grow surprising blossoms of novelty and success. Most of what has moved the world onwards began as a hope; all of what has moved backwards has involved the death of hopes.The tough view that interprets hope as a weakness rather than a virtue says that we must pull up our socks and embrace Truth. But only the indisputable truth about the human condition is that we can suffer, and that we shall die. The rest is for us to create. ‘Hope is the worst of all evils,’ Nietzche famously said, ‘for it prolongs the torment of man.’What would we make of ourselves without hope? We could adopt the position of nihilism; but that is a life worse than death. For some, death is only an alternative. We have all asked ourselves ‘should I commit suicide?’ and the answer has been no, implicating that there are some things worth hoping for. Some object to see hope as a virtue because it rarely bears fruit; others would argue that seeing it like that is seeing it upside down. Hope is a virtue independently of its realizations; it is an intrinsic value, an end in itself, allied to courage and imagination, a positive attitude is full of possibility and aspiration. For that reason you discover more about a person when you learn about his hopes than when you count on his achievements, for the best of what we are lies in what we hope to be."if it were not for hope, the heart would break" – Thomas Fuller

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Miranda Ambers & Justin Conners: Want to See Us Online?

its been a little while now sense we’ve been on now and i think its safe to finally say we are back and will be doing shows live tonight, we are very very eagar to get on and please one another infront of you, we like being told what to do as well as being in controle! we are a very extreamly playfull couple and we are down for anything and everythng, wed love to hear your feedback and wed love to hear some tips/pointers telling us how we can better our show and inprove the number of people we can please each and every day! BIGG thanks to all of you from Miranda & Justn, MUAHHHH

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Abby Bailor: Amazing!!

Man do I love my peeps!! Had the best day yet today AND had my first group sesh. So much testosterone in one spot got me so unbelievably wet. Moving up in the ranks and so happy about it. Bonus: I got to do a little lip sync show with my cowboy boots and cowboy hat on to "any man of mine". So much fun!!!! Love that my regulars let me be my goofy self. Love you all!!!

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Lucia Banks: My Schedule

Hello darlings. I have a set schedule now. I will be online Mon-Fri, 5:30p-9:30p EST (2:30p-6:30p PST) except Wednesdays I will start and end an hour earlier. :) Also, I am still figuring out EXACTLY what hours work best for me, so if you really want to make sure you don’t miss me, click the button on my profile that allows you to get an email notification every time I am online. See you soon lover.

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Stacey White: Update

Hello Gentlemen,Well, my Easter promotion plans did not go quite as "planned". I apologize for not being online during my scheduled times. I was sick and had some family issues I had to take care of. Very disappointing to me and to some of you, I am sure. Thank you to all who sent me Easter Eggs offline and came to see me during my brief time online. It means so much to me to all the support my fans show me. I so appreciate each and everyone of you who support me! Well, I have posted my schedule for the week. I am planning on being online tonight and every night until Saturday night. I will take Sunday night off. This is all assuming things go as "planned". There is a contest on Wednesday, starts at midnight EST. It is an auto win for $100 bonus. Please help me with this contest if you can. I love these because if you make the credits it guarantees your bonus! I am also doing a Fan Club chat on Thursday night at 7:30 pm PST. So hope all you Fan club members can make it. I have also posted my first Tip Target. It is for my birthday which is coming up in May. Please contribute to it!Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday! Thank you for your support!xoxoStacey

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Lucia Banks: To My Fans

My mother is visiting for 3 days, so I will be spending time with her til Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. I might be able to sneak some time online in the meantime, but if not, I just wanted to let you guys know what’s up and that you can be sure to catch me online in a couple days. Kisses~Lucia

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