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Angelina Richie: Spring is in the Air

Hello GuysWelcome to today’s blog!Regular readers will know that one of my favorite hobbies is photography. Combine this with the first days of Spring and it makes a wonderfully pretty picture! I bought lots of pretty flowers, compost, pots, baskets etc today and I can not wait to get my hands dirty tomorrow. I am sure you will see some photos in my Fan Club page very soon.Horrible news about the plane crash yesterday. It really does put a lot of things into perspective. Our every day worries and concerns really do pale in to insignificance when one thinks about the sadness of the poor family and friends left behind as a result of the crash.I signed in last night but it was really quiet, and combined with a sombre and melancholy mood I signed out after a few short hours. I woke up quite refreshed and full of energy this morning and did a few hours online and things were much more fun. Instead of doing 6 hours at night I might do 3 hours night and 3 hours morning. Let’s see how it goes and what the mood is like.I hope to see as many of you online tonight and continue the fun we had from this morning.Love from Angelina xxx

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Sexy Ella: Busy People

we’d a lot fun. When can one help you again???&quotThese would be the most terrifying words to have an entrepreneur to listen to when beginning a brand new romance.Both of us remove our apple iphones to complete the GoogleCal dance. &quotHow’s next Tuesday?&quot &quotIt’s not good. How’s your Thursday?&quot &quotFaculty meeting&quotThe first couple of days of the new relationship between two busy individuals are probably the most obnoxious. But after releasing the pre-created ideals that people hold for traditional associations – we can be distinctively happy. And busy associations rapidly become incredible, due to there being no room for bullshit.I understand this primary hand.The only real males I date are extremely creative, effective, driven and fucking busy. That is a good thing! Because so shall we be held.It can make for any super interesting life. My associations will always be fascinating and full of collaborative projects that have the possibility to alter the planet. However the traditional logistics of the relationship aren’t realistic. Living outdoors the dwelling of the 9-5 implies that we do not always reach make dinner together, see a movie, obtain a little sex and visit bed. Sometimes that occurs, but it is not really a typical day.Frankly, it’s better.In to really explore rapport between two busy people you have to set another standard and redefine what it really way to be &quotsuccessful&quot and just what &quotlove&quot appears like. Good! I’ve not seen the standard model work everything well for some individuals.This means having more conversations on how to make things work, and takes the readiness to actually dig through what’s truly vital that you you in rapport and what’s not. It requires an awareness that you are certainly likely to ruin which your partner is not likely to hold that against you.

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Angelina Richie: Fans List

Well guys, it’s official. There’s a brand new # 1 fan for Angelina Richie based purely on Fan Score. The surface of the Jumps now’s the beautiful honda450 – many thanks to make me feel stand out and that i anticipate seeing you in my room again soon. Should you take a look at the way the scores are calculated it’s a mix of many factors and not about credits spent. It enables me to determine that has been supporting me or simply chilling out in my room keeping me company. Many thanks honda450 xxx. I really like everyone guys, every one individuals, but it is so nice to determine new guys like honda450 entering my room and fussing over me. What girl does not like attention?! )Now onto other matters…I’m not going you to definitely think I’m some kind of stats geek however i observe that I pushing once more for any top tenPercent in the Power Score ratings. So close today, at 13%. Could be so nice hitting the very best 10% again for just the 2nd time in my career. Regular visitors knows which i had a couple of years out and so i really happy to bits to become pushing for that top tenPercent for only about 4 days back. It says a great deal concerning the support I’ve received available of your stuff guys.So that’s all for today on the record front. Individuals individuals who drenched in last evening had a special treat as because of popular demand I had been altering costumes again and again again. I usually do my favorite to fulfill Fan Club members’ demands in order always please drop us a type of there’s just a little number you need me to put on.Finally a number of you might have observed my earlier slots. Now i attempt to make certain I am online by 5pm EST or thereabouts. Help you tonight guysWith loveAngelina xxx

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Angelina Richie: School Daze Zzzz

Hello GuysWell individuals individuals who have been online beside me last evening will kno what busy enjoyable and ation packed evening it had been and due to this, it had been a extended spell online. Time genuinely does fly when you’re having fun and last evening was the evidence of it. The price to pay for in my situation was 3 hrs sleep before having to awaken for college. Fan Club people will discover a photo of my claass room. I did not have a picture of myself when i fear I had been somewhat bleary eyed at achool… school daze zzz. Having done some trips to market I’m now back in your own home along with a nice relaxation before returning online later tonight. After popular demand I decided to put on my maid’s out fit last evening and when any Fan Cub people have demands, and presuming i’ve it, I is going to do my favorite to support any dress demands as always. I alwways goal to impress so please let me know what can make you happy!On a rather sad note, I had been disappointed to determine my beloved Liverpool get beaten in your own home by arch rivals Manchester U . s . 3-1. Fans from the British Premiership will understand what a difficult task Liverpool have of being approved for net season’s Champions League :( And So I anticipate going on the internet tonight and entertaining myself track of your wonderful company!With loveAngelina xxx

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Megan Harding: I Would Like Money…that&#039s Things I Want!!

Calling all money slaves, paypigs, moneypigs and walletslaves! I’m now taking on new slaves so if you’re looking for any new mistress your search is over. I’ve got a couple of slaves under me who are not fitting the balance or should I only say Having to pay the balance and to tell the truth they’re useless and never worth time. If you feel you are able to step sufficient mailbox me. I shall provide you with a listing of products If only you to definitely buy me each pay cheque you receive. You may either produce your cc particulars in order to order it myself or generate a PO Box for me personally in order to visit collect it. The final option can cost you monthly to help keep the PO Box open that i can collect my things. IN RETURN I shall give back videos and pictures of myself enjoying the purchases you’ve bought me and let you know how good of the moneyslave you’re. If you’re bad I’ll spend beyond our means and then leave you in debt. You have to make reference to me only as mistress, mis, master, madam, queen or princess. Have you got what must be done to become my next pay pig? )

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Stacey White: Schedule and Visits

Hello There,I’ve published my agenda for a few days, beginning tonight. You’ll find this on my fan club page, www.staceywhitewebcam.com. The schedule isn’t listed on the profile page any longer, unsure why, but you will see it on my fan club page. You don’t need to become a fan club member to see it. I’m reducing back to work and just working in a couple of nights and just for any couple of hrs a evening. If you’d like to create a scheduled appointment for any private, please send me an e-mail and i’ll gladly set one up. I really like making visits with clients! Way too couple of individuals make sure they are beside me. I recieve lots of comments like, you’re in a long private or I skipped you. I usually say, make a scheduled appointment this way, I put aside time particularly for you personally! Its just like a date and that i like it. For those who have a particular request a dress-up costume or fantasy, just tell me. I’m able to have things ready only for you for the private appointment. For those who have specific hair making up demands, I’m able to fulfill individuals demands too.For those who have questions, please tell me!xoxoStacey

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Stacey White: March

Hey There,Thanks to everybody to be patient with my part-time return. I’m wishing to become back full-time beginning in a few days. You will find plenty of fun things approaching in March. The website does a raffle offering credits every week. Models get 1 ticket for each 10k credits gained in March. They’re doing the raffle every week. So want help getting individuals raffle tickets!Also, St. Patricks day is approaching. The website usually does a chuckle promotions during this time around. Since I Have was not able to sign up in the Valentine’s Promo, I’m exciting to sign up in this promotion. I’m part Irish (be you did not realize that) and so i should participate. Ok, its a small sector but nonetheless! I additionally love horses, as numerous individuals know, and also the Irish love horses too! :) Because the website is carrying out a raffle and also the St. Patrick’s Day promotion is approaching, I’m considering doing a bit of type of raffle myself. I have not done anything such as this before. I’ve come across other models do similar things and so i am considering doing the work. If anybody has any suggestions, please tell me!Possess a Happy Monday!Stacey

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